Annoying people on golf course – how to deal with them?

I’ve been playing golf for few years now, and i’ve encountered some rude jerks on the golf course, and i wanted to share my experience of dealing with them.

I don’t know why, and i mean no offense, but Golf seems to attract the jerks the most. It might be the passive nature of the game. You don’t have to do a lot of work other than perfecting your golf swing, and that might be attractive to those who have no discipline, but that’s just my theory. So many people boasting about how much they spend on their cool senior golf clubs, and how great of golfers they are. Those kinds of people are usually not very good at golf – and try to make up for it by wasting money on thousand dollar clubs and showing off. So if you’re trying to make friends – i’d suggest staying away from them.

The other type of people i hate are the smug competitive golfers. They might be extraordinary at the sport, but their pettiness makes it hard for anyone to like them. You can notice them from far away, making fun of players who can’t perform very well. And sometimes they even make fun of people they don’t know, which makes everyone but them very uncomfortable. And on top of that, they get very frustrated and jealous when someone gets better of them. These petty guys also have hard time taking responsibility for their actions. They’ll blame their poor performance and mistakes on everyone but themselves.To put it simply, i would not want to be near them for more than few minutes that i sometimes happen to be.

If one of these people hit you with the golf ball, it’s absolutely fine to be mad at them. Most likely it was just a mistake, but that doesn’t really help your pain.

One more negative thing i’ve noticed about golf is that majority of the players consist of old white men, who happen to be quite racist. If you’re a minority, they might not act on it to your face, but you can sense it, and it’s really uncomfortable. It might be different in more liberal states like California, but here in Minnesota, that’s just how it is.

But i always remember to not take it too seriously, because haters usually feed on your attention. If a person can’t simply enjoy spending time on the golf course and relax, there’s something very bad going on in their lives, and i feel really bad for them. But again, that doesn’t mean i’m going to let anyone take advantage of me or take my time. I simply try to get rid of hateful people from my life, and surround myself with people that i enjoy playing golf with.

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