How to choose golf clubs for girls – my experience

My daughter surprised me yesterday, when she asked me all these questions about golf and how it’s played, and expressed interest to play it herself. I’ve never tried to convince my children to play golf with me, but it’s quite flattering and i can’t wait until we get started. But i had to choose golf clubs for my daughter, and i had no idea how to do it. First thing i did, was reading as much information as possible on communities like Reddit, and i got pretty good understanding of golf clubs for kids, where to buy them and how much should i expect to pay. In fact, my little research made me kind of an expert on this field, and i wanted to write about choosing the best golf clubs for your children. I want to do it, because there’s effectively no information on golf blogs about it, and i think process of buying golf clubs for children is sometimes overlooked, and it shouldn’t be.

 Before spending lots of money on any kids’ golf club set though, check your local golf course for the rentals. In my experience, and according to what i’ve read, renting the golf club set is the best option for a beginner. Its benefits include not having to worry about buying low quality or counterfeit products, which is something a lot of beginner golfers often do. Plus, it’s unwise to spend hundreds of dollars on a product to play golf when you’ve never played the sport before – you might hate it, and that will mean that money spent on golf clubs will be a waste.

Plus, kids grow very fast, and if your daughter or son is in transition period, it is better to wait and avoid having to replace golf club set twice in a year. The length of proper golf club for your child depends on kid’s height, so these things are connected.

So first things first, i’d recommend getting your daughter on a golf course, and renting some basic club or even better, buying used club set for her to play. If she enjoys the challenges and difficulties of golf, you can go ahead and buy her proper equipment for next game.

Good place to look for used children’s golf clubs is eBay. It has the widest selection and very good prices, especially on used ones. If you’re familiar with auctions on that site, you can apply your experience and get very good deal on golf clubs for your kids.

To sum it up, though, even best golf clubs for kids cost no more than couple of hundred dollars, and they don’t need 13 piece set to play, so you’ll come out much cheaper than buying a set for adults. I don’t recommend spending more than 100$ on kids golf club set though, because the benefits of expensive golf clubs don’t really add that much value. That is, if you’re concerned about the price, but if you’re well off and can afford to get the best product available, there are definitely few Callaway sets that you should check out.

How i bought my new spikeless golf shoes – and why

Been playing golf for 12 years now, and i’ve only owned two golf shoes for the whole time. That must tell you something about the kind of golf shoes that i like to buy. Quality is the most important for me, and i’m willing to pay premium to get the kind of shoes that will last me for years. So, few months back, i had to make a decision – keep my old shoes for a few months more, or buy new ones. I chose the latter, and started looking for newest golf shoes with the best looks and made of quality materials.

So i started looking with the budget of 300$ in my mind. And i know you can’t expect too much from cheap golf shoes, so i set the minimum price for shoes at 100$ to weed out the affordable options. There were still a lot of shoes to choose from, and i had to rely on customer and online reviews. I searched a lot, but there were only few decent spikeless golf shoe reviews that could be trusted. So i had to do a lot of figuring out on myself, and even considered just going to local retail store and purchasing my shoes there, but when i arrived, i realized their selection of shoes was too limited for my taste. Golf shoe prices were lower online too, so it didn’t make sense to buy in regular stores. I did try on few shoes though – and even though didn’t end up buying any of them, got good understanding of what it feels like to walk wearing comfortable spikeless golf shoes.

I ended up settling on FootJoys, and even though i don’t remember the exact model, i think it’s mentioned in the review i linked above. I’m absolutely happy with my purchase – they have no flaws, at least i haven’t found one yet. They’re waterproof, so if you’re the kind of golfer who plays during springs and autumns, when the chance for raining is much higher, you’re going to appreciate these shoes, because as mentioned above, they protect your feet from water and have great traction. I was a little skeptical about switching to spikeless golf shoes, but these shoes have proven me wrong.

There were other great options too – i was trying to pick between Nikes and FootJoys for a long time, and even though i didn’t end up buying the Nike golf shoes myself, my friend bought the pair, and i’ve heard both are fantastic. If you’re looking for affordable options though, New Balance and Puma have some decent spikeless shoes for under hundred dollars. They’re certainly very comfortable golf shoes to wear, but when it comes to leather and other material quality, they can’t come close to my picks.

Annoying people on golf course – how to deal with them?

I’ve been playing golf for few years now, and i’ve encountered some rude jerks on the golf course, and i wanted to share my experience of dealing with them.

I don’t know why, and i mean no offense, but Golf seems to attract the jerks the most. It might be the passive nature of the game. You don’t have to do a lot of work other than perfecting your golf swing, and that might be attractive to those who have no discipline, but that’s just my theory. So many people boasting about how much they spend on their cool senior golf clubs, and how great of golfers they are. Those kinds of people are usually not very good at golf – and try to make up for it by wasting money on thousand dollar clubs and showing off. So if you’re trying to make friends – i’d suggest staying away from them.

The other type of people i hate are the smug competitive golfers. They might be extraordinary at the sport, but their pettiness makes it hard for anyone to like them. You can notice them from far away, making fun of players who can’t perform very well. And sometimes they even make fun of people they don’t know, which makes everyone but them very uncomfortable. And on top of that, they get very frustrated and jealous when someone gets better of them. These petty guys also have hard time taking responsibility for their actions. They’ll blame their poor performance and mistakes on everyone but themselves.To put it simply, i would not want to be near them for more than few minutes that i sometimes happen to be.

If one of these people hit you with the golf ball, it’s absolutely fine to be mad at them. Most likely it was just a mistake, but that doesn’t really help your pain.

One more negative thing i’ve noticed about golf is that majority of the players consist of old white men, who happen to be quite racist. If you’re a minority, they might not act on it to your face, but you can sense it, and it’s really uncomfortable. It might be different in more liberal states like California, but here in Minnesota, that’s just how it is.

But i always remember to not take it too seriously, because haters usually feed on your attention. If a person can’t simply enjoy spending time on the golf course and relax, there’s something very bad going on in their lives, and i feel really bad for them. But again, that doesn’t mean i’m going to let anyone take advantage of me or take my time. I simply try to get rid of hateful people from my life, and surround myself with people that i enjoy playing golf with.

Why is cricket still so popular in India? I’ll try to explain.

The overall game of cricket hasn’t always been a challenge of eleven, despite being termed a-team activity. Should you view it directly, what we’ve while in the Indian cricket team is actually a bunch of under-average, mediocres blended with one or two exceedingly gifted players who can change around points entirely by themselves. It’s since 1) we-don’t have possibilities, we’re an effort ample but ability scarce state and 2) the sport, because of its aspect, does not need us to subject all our greatest advantages, only one or two is going to do just fine.Nine out of five occasions, an excellent efficiency by these one or two will soon be enough for all of US to improve the game on its mind. E.g. The 2011 World Cup which we gained from simply two or three with meaningful contributions batsmen and just one single bowler through the event. We performed an out-of-type Sreesanth in the finals.

Another thing about cricket that attracts us is the expense factor that is related along with its convenience – to begin a game title of cricket together with your friends, all that you need really are a rubber ball a broken twigs and a few space that is open. We were never mattered to by conditions that were frequency. In comparison, fundamental equipment and gear for most other outdoor games are a bit too expensive, at the least . Also, provided our playgrounds’ packed dynamics, cricket is the better along with the only solution left to your kids. We’ve viewed five to fifteen activities being simultaneously performed on these grounds. You just can’t do this once you perform with agame of football or tennis or anything of this sort.
Additionally, Cricket as a way of workout demands fitness, not as strength and strength when compared to all other outdoor sports. In a game of football or golf, you are necessary to follow the ball for the sport, which is evidently not the case with cricket’s entire period. Most of us, actually Indians appreciate cricket simply for that, do not we?

Even when it concerns enjoying suits on TV, cricket sometimes appears just like a good-time- move, rather than a genuine activity as a result. Consequently, perhaps the game duration was never an issue in any respect.
Tennis is probably the only real hobby that ever got to matching the love nearest that lovers have always found for cricket. But that has been a real long-time before. A team that had acquired six Olympic golds in AROW hasn’t acquired a single honor in the last 32 years. Even worse, we couldn’t qualify in 2008 for the Beijing games.

Football loves decent amount of recognition but limited to several states like Goa, Kerala Sikkim and North-Eastern states that are other. There’s a great fan base for European soccer but mostly limited to the other as well as metros tier 1 towns. But the thing is a good great most them and the game do not play. They just watch it.

For football, we’ve generated several excellent top notch talents who’ve been excellent although not excellent enough top 20 of the ATP/WTP or to constantly break in to the most effective 10 singles ranks. That correctly is our problem. We’ve had no genuine ‘celebrity’ people representing India in any of the different activities to get a long-long time.
I think, the entire discuss other activities systems as well as their players worrying concerning the BCCI because of its visibility is just a account of sour grapes. They cost poorly since they learn no professionalism they’re not willing to work pro-bono and they fail to develop results on-field which is again a result of lot of such elements that are related.

Similarly, BCCI in addition has had its share of corrupt administrators (and participants also) however they happen to be greater than composed for by their smarter and happier peers who’ve removed all out working towards the improvement of the sport. They don’t rely on the government due to their resources, rather they have been intelligent enough to pool inside their own resources for the development of that game.

These individuals have given it their all to create cricket the main game in the country, as well as in my estimation, they’ve gained it and so they undoubtedly deserve the type of cash, reputation and recognition being given upon them. In a region that lacks reliable sports culture, we have to just be satisfied that there is at least one activity that’s obtaining its rightful due.

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