How i bought my new spikeless golf shoes – and why

Been playing golf for 12 years now, and i’ve only owned two golf shoes for the whole time. That must tell you something about the kind of golf shoes that i like to buy. Quality is the most important for me, and i’m willing to pay premium to get the kind of shoes that will last me for years. So, few months back, i had to make a decision – keep my old shoes for a few months more, or buy new ones. I chose the latter, and started looking for newest golf shoes with the best looks and made of quality materials.

So i started looking with the budget of 300$ in my mind. And i know you can’t expect too much from cheap golf shoes, so i set the minimum price for shoes at 100$ to weed out the affordable options. There were still a lot of shoes to choose from, and i had to rely on customer and online reviews. I searched a lot, but there were only few decent spikeless golf shoe reviews that could be trusted. So i had to do a lot of figuring out on myself, and even considered just going to local retail store and purchasing my shoes there, but when i arrived, i realized their selection of shoes was too limited for my taste. Golf shoe prices were lower online too, so it didn’t make sense to buy in regular stores. I did try on few shoes though – and even though didn’t end up buying any of them, got good understanding of what it feels like to walk wearing comfortable spikeless golf shoes.

I ended up settling on FootJoys, and even though i don’t remember the exact model, i think it’s mentioned in the review i linked above. I’m absolutely happy with my purchase – they have no flaws, at least i haven’t found one yet. They’re waterproof, so if you’re the kind of golfer who plays during springs and autumns, when the chance for raining is much higher, you’re going to appreciate these shoes, because as mentioned above, they protect your feet from water and have great traction. I was a little skeptical about switching to spikeless golf shoes, but these shoes have proven me wrong.

There were other great options too – i was trying to pick between Nikes and FootJoys for a long time, and even though i didn’t end up buying the Nike golf shoes myself, my friend bought the pair, and i’ve heard both are fantastic. If you’re looking for affordable options though, New Balance and Puma have some decent spikeless shoes for under hundred dollars. They’re certainly very comfortable golf shoes to wear, but when it comes to leather and other material quality, they can’t come close to my picks.

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